Exploration – Tulips to Tigers

Yellow tulips cindy revell oil painting
Tulip Study, Oil on Canvas, 8×6

Exploration whether artistic or otherwise is critical to growth. Often the things we try out do not immediately make their way into our work, it can be a twisty path that adds to the whole of who we are as artists. My whimsical paintings which started here are my focus but still life studies are a major part of my overall artistic growth. I don’t always know what the affect of experimentation will be but I know it eventually has an impact on my work. The speed and repeated practice of studies brings confidence to my gallery work and of course there is the amazing experience of painting them. This past few months I’ve been doing floral studies. You never know how a tulip study might someday influence a tiger painting. 

All this applies to our lives whether we are artists or plumbers. We can’t always know how things will turn out, and maybe we shouldn’t. The great stuff, the horrible stuff, it all adds up to a colourful journey full of rich learning experiences. Go explore something right now.

2 thoughts on “Exploration – Tulips to Tigers

  1. Cindy, I do SO love following your artistic journey and greatly admire your wonderful skills and talents. It’s a privilege to know you!


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